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  • Elshara Silverheart Love is in the air. That's a good thing. It's meant to stay.
    Jun 8

  • Tommy Hawksblood I do a few shows a week. One is with a woman that has been and still is being abducted, Then I like to talk about Truth something most people are afraid of.
    May 26

  • Sunkara Sankacharya Greetings Friend - check out the Facts compared to the Fox News etc. CALL TO PRAYER - "TAKE DOWN THE WALL" https://youtu.be/Li7cYmB7Vis LIFE IS SUCH A WONDERFUL LEARNING CURVE. You are invited to visit www.spiritualismaustralia.org/home/ - have you ever wondered why you feel Immortal and yet know Death awaits you. At this Site you will find the evidence for the Truths Religion and State concealed are now revealed. Evidence of overwhelming proof of the power of Spirit over Matta beyond the phenomena of the World's Medieval Religions combined. Facts lead to the Survival of Personality, therefor Consciousness beyond the Hearse. Poetry awakens the Soul in sense and Verse. An introduction to the Spiritual Reality of the existence of
    May 26

  • Paradigm Shifter I’ll admit I’m a tad weary over this becoming a constant considering the last community page that was created was deleted out of nowhere without warning to the rest of us. I’ll be here for as long as this stays around but know this, the moment this community page disappears again I seek no more invitations to another.
    May 23

  • Shasta Hi Everyone !!! Love you all. (6)
    May 22

  • Melvin Lusterio The more we accept God in our lives, the happier we are! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)
    April 19, 2018

  • CatMan Feline I am visible
    May 16, 2018